Basic Rules

Allotment rules vary from borough to borough and you may find that your particular borough has a very specific rule in place that you think “WTF?! Why do they even need to put that there?” For example:

“Do not wash weed killer into the water tanks”

And rightly so you may think “well duh that’s just common sense” but they’ve likely included it there because some numpty has done it before…

Here are some of the rules from our allotment, that you may probably find apply to yours!

  1. You have to live in the same Borough as your Allotment Garden
  2. The Allotment Garden shall be kept in a clean, decent and good condition and properly cultivated
  3. No nuisance or annoyance shall be caused by the Tenant to any Tenant of any other part of the Allotment Gardens provided by the Council
  4. No livestock (including cockerels) other than poultry for the production of eggs, of any kind shall be kept upon the Allotment Garden
  5. No dog shall be brought into or kept in the area of the Allotment Gardens by the Tenant or by anyone acting with his authority or approval
  6. The Tenant shall not assign the Tenancy nor sub-let or part with the possession of any part of the Allotment Garden
  7. The Tenant shall not erect any building or other permanent structure on the Allotment Garden nor fence the garden without first obtaining the written consent of the Counci
  8. The Tenant shall maintain in decent order all fences and ditches bordering the Allotment Garden and shall keep trim and keep in decent order all hedges and footpaths forming any boundary of the Allotment Garden
  9. The Tenant shall not without first obtaining the written consent of the Council, cut, lop or fell any tree growing on the Allotment Garden
  10. The Tenant shall not plant any tree other than fruit trees, and those should be of a dwarf variety, on the Allotment Garden without prior written permission from the Council
  11. The Tenant shall permit the inspection at all reasonable times of the Allotment Garden by any officer of the Council
  12. The Tenant shall not obstruct or permit the obstruction of any of the paths on the Allotments set out for the use of the Tenants of the Allotment Gardens
  13. The Allotment Garden shall not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever and the sale of produce is strictly forbidden
  14. The Tenant shall not light any fires on any part of the Allotment Garden
  15. The Tenant shall not place any materials on any part of the Allotment Gardens outside the boundary of their own Allotment Garden. No refuse not generated from the cultivation of the Allotment Garden is to be brought into the site, unless it is to be used for composting purposes
  16. Hosepipes shall not be used and water tanks must not be damaged or interfered with in any way.