Recommended Buy – Greenhouse Edition


Please know that we have not been paid, nor received any type of endorsement for the following post! It is 100% our true and honest opinion.



True story – it’s cheap, sturdy and despite a funky smell – I have no complaints.

A greenhouse was one of our top priorities and was one of the first things we bought. We looked online a lot and wanted something cheap yet reliable. We couldn’t really find anything that fell into that category – so we just decided to “YOLO” it and we were walking round our local Wilko on Easter weekend and came across this one! It was £30 down from £40 but there were none left. It looked good and sturdy (for pieces of plastic held together by other pieces of plastic and covered in another piece of plastic….).

We ordered it in and it came in shortly after- @pearcehamblin was eager to get it up immediately as he had his chillies to house!


It didn’t take too long to put up – it was quite fun! Maybe 10 minutes between the two of us. We put it up in the middle of our plot, so there were no windbreakers – we wanted to make sure that a strong wind wouldn’t topple it – so we dug it in a couple of inches into the ground and secured it with tent pegs and then buried the bottom poles. This seems to have worked so far as it’s still standing and our seeds are sprouting beautifully!

It’s nothing special – but it does the job! For a while we had the bottom covered with weed protector, but it wasn’t great when we were watering the plants, so we pulled that out! now we’ve got a bit of a slug thing going on – but we’ll figure that one out.


The one thing I would say about it is that we could use some more shelves! But were going to be getting a poly tunnel soon so we’ll keep you posted on that endeavour!

Thanks for reading – let me know if you get one of these greenhouses/already have one and what your experiences are!

Stay sunny!


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