Know Your Peppers: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Pepper Profile:

Name: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Origin: Moruga, Trinidad & Tobago

Scoville Rating (SHU): 1,200,000+ (highs of around 2,000,000)

Colours: Red, Orange, Green

Size (length): 2.5 – 5 cm (1 – 2 inches)

Size (width): 2.5 – 5 cm (1 – 2 inches)

Fun Facts:

  • In 2012, it was crowned the hottest chilli pepper in the world (but has since been passed by the Carolina Reaper in 2013)
  • During the testing in 2012, the researchers testing the peppers went through around 4 pairs of gloves when handling these peppers, due to the capsaicin penetrating through the latex of the gloves

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