What to name your chickens?

If you’re keeping your chickens for meat and slaughter, I’d recommend not giving them a name as it is going to be sufficiently more difficult to sit down to your Sunday roast, knowing the meat you’re eating was called Ethel.

However, if you’re keeping your chickens for the purpose of fresh eggs (which is what we’re doing!) It might be nice to give your chickens a name, afterall they will probably become one of the family.

I personally think “old lady” names are the best kinda names for chickens, however I have known people who have called their chooks “peri peri” just for the giggles. So below I’ve brainstormed some good chicken names for all sorts of chook personalities! (I’ve even done it in alphabetical order because I’m organised like that!

Ada, Agatha, Agnes, Alma, Bernie, Bertha, Betty, Daisy, Dora, Eileen, Esther, Ethel, Evelyn, Flora, Frances, Gertrude, Gizmo, Harriet, Henny- Penny, Hetty, Ida, Iris, Ivy, Josephine, Mabel, Maggie, Mary- Lou, Matilda, Maude, Millicent, Minerva, Miss Prissy, Myrtle, Olive, Pearl, Penolope, Penny, Priscilla, Prudence, Ursula, Viola or Vivian!

If you’re after some more “punny” names you could go with…

Balti, Cluck Norris, Dippy, Hen Solo, Hooters, Jalfrezi, Korma, Mother Clucker, Paprika, Patty, Piri- Piri, Princess  Lay-a, Sage, Sir Clucks-a-lot, Stu (like stew), Sweet and Sour (for a pair), Tikka, Yokie or Yolko Ono.

Ultimately it’s up to you and you can find loads more suggestions online! Chickens are great pets for children and you’d be amazed at the names they come up with!

Some people don’t even name their hens and literally just refer to them as “the brown one” or “the silkie” so don’t feel like you have to name your hen.. but you may find you give them a nickname based on their quirky personalities anyway!

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